November 1, 2010

i rarely have to pull late nights so i shouldn’t crow about it but i’ve only just finished filing a story because this dinner with the saudi oil minister ended only about two hours ago and in the world of oil, everything he says is like pearls of wisdom being dropped from the sky, even if it made no sense or was an obvious no brainer. One of my fellow scribes with a wire agency was telling me he got yelled at by his editor earlier because he didn’t flash a headline about a comment the minister made to one of the televised networks. The quote was something like “there will be demand when there’s a need”.

and now i have to go get ready for tomorrow — pick out an outfit, pack my bag so i’m ready to leave the house at 6am, get to the gym by 6.30, hop on the treadmill and then start with Allan at 7am. In theory this is how it should all work out. I REALLY REALLY HOPE I CAN GET UP AT 5.45. And then I have to stay awake through another busy day of conferences plus a high profile interview in the afternoon. And then  if we’re both lucky, the viking and I get to have dinner. together.


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