November 23, 2010

I get dozens of media statements and press releases everyday. Most of them are usually energy related but sometimes one or two will slip through that aren’t and on certain occasions they make for a good mid-afternoon giggle.

like the one below:

Minister for Primary Industries, Fisheries and Rural and Regional Queensland
The Honourable Tim Mulherin

Hopping Mad on Hives

Minister for Primary Industries Fisheries, Rural and Regional Queensland Tim Mulherin said it is disappointing the Member for Condamine Ray Hopper continues to get the facts wrong on Asian Honey Bees.

“Mr Hopper has again insisted on going out publicly, making comments about the Asian Honey Bee eradication program without having any of the information,” Mr Mulherin said.

“He wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him in the face.

“Mr Hopper has not once asked for a briefing on any issue relating to his Shadow Primary Industries portfolio, yet he makes completely misinformed public statements.

“No wonder there’s talk of replacing him in the imminent Shadow Cabinet reshuffle,” he said.

Let me spell out the facts for Mr Hopper:

“In June and July of this year we employed additional casual staff to gather information about Asian honey bees,” he said.

“Staff were told at the time that this was short term casual employment.

“They were helping to determine the extent of the pest bee problem so that a judgement can be made on whether eradication is possible.

“That information has been gathered and is being considered by national funding partners.

“Last week 40 casual staff were notified that their roles had come to an end.

“20 of these workers have expressed interest in another Biosecurity Queensland eradication program which has some vacancies.

“Asian honey bees are not as active during the wet season when conditions are less favourable for them.

“There will still be sufficient staff to respond to public reports and destroy any confirmed swarms or nests.

“As with any displaced worker in Queensland – we are doing everything we can to assist these workers in gaining alternative employment or accessing support to transition to new roles.

“We are also providing counselling services where needed, jobs forums and workshops.


Seriously, who gives an eff? If I were a Queenslander I’d be really worried that my hard-earned tax money is being spent to produce such drivel.


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