November 28, 2010

Just came home from a Thanksgiving party hosted by a friend from work. I wasn’t really hungry but he and his girlfriend slaved over the turkey and stuffing so I had to try some, and it was really good! Other than that it was a pretty relaxing time. Although there was a bizarre moment where Ramsey, in an attempt to tell me what he’d been thinking about and doing all day, at one point started telling me about overdrives and amps for his guitar, wtf.

I didn’t expect to stay so late but ended up watching up random stuff on tv and then chatting with a bunch of people. And earlier in the evening the viking texted to sort of check in and we exchanged messages for most of the night, but more on him in a separate post.

Anyhoo happy thanksgiving everyone and hope some of you scored some great bargains with the online sales.


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