December 2, 2010

woke up late today, spent an insane amount of money on cab fare to work.

And I have been dicking around the entire day, don’t know on what exactly. Oh wait, I remember. Ramsey proclaimed that I’m his worst friend ever because i tattled on him yesterday to our other friend Christian, who on an unrelated note, suggested I get Ramsey multi-coloured bikini cut underwear for Xmas.

Then I got really sleepy in the afternoon but the viking — valiant man that he is — attempted to keep me awake by having a fairly bizarre conversation about him being a superhero.  I won’t rehash it because I think it belongs in the TMI category.

But as you can see I really had a lot to think about. So it’s now 3.30pm 6.30pm and I have about a fifth third of a story written that I’m supposed to file by 5pm. I don’t know why I even bothered coming to work.

Since I couldn’t wake up, I missed training this morning. But it’s been rescheduled to tonight so huzzah something to look forward to and hopefully my day won’t be a total, utter failure.

Actually i don’t know what my training routine is doing for me cos i’m looking more Kardashian-like than ever before. (That’s the other thing I did today — google kim kardashian). My arms don’t fit in most of my tops with sleeves and the freaking huge ass won’t fit in so many of my clothes. very annoying. There is no upside to this, except whenever we make out the viking grabs it like he can’t get enough (again TMI sorry).

ok fuck i need to finish my story


4 Responses to “Thursday”

  1. iamnotquitesam Says:

    Hey don’t knock Kim Kardashian, she’s hot and so are you!:)

  2. ~y~ Says:

    haha i look nowhere as sultry as her!

  3. popartgirl Says:

    It’s nice to have an ass, beats having a runway both down the front and even further down the back, so yah don’t knock your curves woman! =)

  4. ~y~ Says:

    heh but it annoys the hell out of me that my wearable wardrobe is dwindling and I have to keep buying new things.

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