December 6, 2010

Those of you who know me will know that I don’t cook. In Melbourne Audrey reminded me that I once told her I don’t need to learn how to cook because everything I eat is either boiled or raw. On hearing this my mum told Audrey that when I was younger I had a school barbecue and everyone had to bring something and I decided I would bring the charcoal. And they all had a laugh at my expense. But whatever, the point is, I don’t cook.

So when the viking told me that he can’t cook I took him at his word and imagined that he used his kitchen mainly to store an assortment of drinks, Perrier and beer. And when he decided yesterday that he wanted to cook I also imagined that he’d buy some stuff and stick it all in the microwave. You know me, the queen of the microwave.

So anyway we met at the supermarket to get a couple of things he needed for this supposedly awesome dish he was going to make.

Unfortunately plans hit a snag because he discovered he’d left his ATM card at Zegna after buying shoes earlier in the afternoon. So after dropping off the groceries we had to go to ION to pick up the card.

But that led to a considerable delay and we only started on the meal at about 7pm and I was starving cos I’d been seriously working my ass off in the gym for about three hours before that. But this was not a 10 second microwave job. This involved the oven! And then he started showing me the right way to fillet the meat (against the grain or what have you). I really should have guessed from his collection of Rosendahl gourmet knives that when he said he can’t cook he was really being self-deprecating.

Anyway after two hours we finally managed to eat.  Pan-fried pork tenderloin with glazed onions and mushrooms (the proper name is mørbradbøf), accompanied by a creamy, cheesy potato done gratin-style. And it was well worth the wait.

My pictures don’t do either of them justice.

The meat was tender and well seasoned and I think glazed onions are a great garnish to most dishes. The potatoes were just the right consistency and the creamy sauce was a tad cheesy and not too overwhelming.

I was seriously impressed, ’nuff said.


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