December 20, 2010

All I want to do now is listen to Shinji Tanimura singing Subaru (yes feeling quite nostalgic), drink some peach tea and read.

I made use of all the various Kobo discounts and bought a couple of ebooks. Managed to get ‘Mini Shopaholic’ at about $4 so I thought why not. I finished it in a day but wasn’t that impressed. Protagonist is getting a little stale and her antics are getting less funny and more annoying. Perhaps my tolerance for such ostentatiousness has waned a lot since the downturn.

After that I started on Ken Follet’s new epic, Fall of Giants. Still ploughing my way through the early chapters, so far so good. I’m thinking of rereading Pillars of the Earth, which I read many many years ago and have very little recollection of now, so might add that to my list. Also in the queue are David Nicholls’ One Day and Lorrie Moore’s A Gate at the Stairs.

I’m just a little bummed that work isn’t tapering off exactly like I hoped because it’s a very busy week with lots of socialising: viking tonight, viking tomorrow, bloggies wednesday, audrey thursday. And then we’re off to Hanoi on Friday. I’m starting to get excited after Topo sent out the proposed itinerary.

how time flies. About two weeks ago I started and saved an entry to usher in december but we are now firmly hurtling toward january.  i wish it would slow down a little so i can savour all the year-end warmth and love for just a while longer.


One Response to “Monday”

  1. lavendermirage Says:

    I love One Day. A very delightful read. Mini shopoholic at $4?! even though I am not a fan of chick-lit, i could afford a light-hearted, frivolous tale. Darn, I should have made use of the discounts like you have suggested on the blog.

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