January 2, 2011

I finally finished Fall of Giants, the first in a new trilogy by Ken Follett. I was glad to be so thoroughly engrossed in it and sped through many chapters during my downtime in Hanoi.

The first book chronicles the fortunes of five families on the brink of, and later, during the five years of WWI. Like most of his other novels, it weaves a fictional plot with historical events and characters of the time, giving readers a sort of fly-on-the wall insight into significant developments.

The second and third books will cover subsequent generations during the second world war and the Cold War, respectively. But they’ll only be published in 2012 and 2014!

I’ve also started on my new dvd of Downton Abbey. It’s an ITV period drama that aired in the UK last year. Produced by Julian Fellowes, the screenwriter of Gosford Park, it follows the aristocratic Crawley family trying to maintain its way of life in the face of a rapidly changing society. I love the wonderful sets and the elaborate Edwardian costumes which are so lovely to behold! I’m just halfway through the second episode, so withholding judgment on the storyline for now.


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