January 16, 2011

I’m well into the first season of Mad Men, the critically acclaimed TV series about the advertising world on Madison Avenue in 1960s America. Chain smoking and leery execs pitch for and create campaigns from cigarettes to pimple cream to shopping malls. Mad Men has been praised as a true-to-life reflection of the culture, social conventions, mores and political mood of the time.

It is not really feel-good entertainment because women’s roles were still very traditional — housewives, secretaries — and the married male characters all seem to be unfaithful. A lot of female objectification going on.

But really the clothes are breathtaking. I want to wear everything January Jones wears! Clothes are cut perfectly, with full skirts, defined waists and boat necked collars to show off the shoulders. Make up is immaculate, and I have this urge to dig out my rarely used crimson red lipstick from somewhere in my cupboard.

In the online universe, I’ve been visiting  mod cloth to get my fix of vintage. I love scrolling through pages and pages of 50s and 60s inspired dresses.


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