January 17, 2011

I’ve recently discovered that Kenneth Cole makes really comfortable shoes using its 925 (9am-to-5pm) technology. Apparently there are two layers of foam: one is memory foam to mould to your feet and the other is a shock absorber. I bought a pair of shimmery patented midnight blue shoes last month from Her Glass Slipper at Raffles Place. They were about $380 but really comfortable.

And then on Christmas Eve while sitting at that dessert place in Hanoi with topo, I quickly looked through the RueLaLa offers for the evening and discovered they were having a Kenneth Cole sale. I spied this Cloudy Snake pair which I’d also seen in the Raffles Place store. But it was significantly discounted at US$79. I think that was a record for the fastest time I’ve taken to buy a pair of shoes.

Anyway they arrived last week and I love them. Very wearable 3″ height and the cute reflective silver heel is great for dressing up an outfit.


2 Responses to “Monday”

  1. iamnotquitesam Says:

    super hot shoes like the wearer 🙂

  2. ~y~ Says:

    haha thanks! they are really nice huh

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