February 13, 2011

Where to start? too many bloggable moments!

Maybe i’ll recount the story of the cake. It was Audrey and Shumin’s gift to me and Audrey had ordered it a week in advance, telling me she was really really excited about it. I got all psyched and it so happened that after lo-heiing at Aunty Mary’s yesterday afternoon, we both went to pick it up. But of course she wouldn’t let me see it. When we were at Centre Ps I had to face away while she peeked in their kitchen to have a look. Apparently it was a really tall cake and there was no special box for it. So what to do to keep it under wraps?

Cover it up with a trashbag of course!

And when the actual thing came, unveiled along with an electric guitar version of the birthday song and candles aflame, it was so awesome! Everyone was absolutely bowled over by the tower of petit fours! I was so amazed by it. And each one had little cute motifs like flowers, bugs and hearts. The tower was supported by another base layer of marzipan covered brownie cake. Very rich, very lovely.


Look at the little doll topper!

I loved it. Thanks aunties audrey and shumin!


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