February 13, 2011

If you know me, you’ll know that I don’t do parties. Save for when I was a toddler, I’ve never had a party to celebrate any of my birthdays, not even my 21st. But more than a month ago, while chatting with Christian about turning 30, he mentioned something like getting all my friends to buy me drinks. And I decided to organise a simple get-together drinks thingy the night before my birthday. Of course I shared my idea with my lesbian lover Audrey and she immediately agreed to be my party planner. I also got some input from Topo on venues and we decided on Beer Market.  The next day I gave Audrey my friends’ names and contact details and that was the only thing I did. She handled everything else.

Probably a week later, I got IMs from some people asking ‘Who is Audrey?’ Turns out she’d sent out the e-invitation without even telling me! Just before CNY we went to scope out the place — as I’m such a clarke quay noob — and also looked at other possible venues. But I was happy with BM and we stuck with it. I remember having tea with her after that and she was already looking at the menu asking me what finger food I wanted to order. She even considered smuggling in food from Old Chang Kee because the BM choices were limited and pricier.

And as all of you know, last night was pretty awesome, mostly because of her efforts. Everything was perfect. I can only hope that should I return her the favor, I will be able to fill those big shoes (yes size 9+++) of hers. I intended to put up an accompanying picture of her but I scrolled through my album and realised I only have lameass shots of her.

On another note, shumin typed ‘oil’ yesterday when she actually meant ‘oic’ while chatting and right there and then we decided OIL=oh i like. Usage example

~y~: I love the cake

aud: d is g!

~y~: actually oil all my presents!

aud: d is super g!


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