February 16, 2011

ok i’m going to backtrack to the party again.

I was nervous pretty much the entire day, nervous about everyone coming, nervous that my dress would be ill fitting, nervous that my shoes which i hadn’t worn in over a year, would fall apart.

After dinner, while I got ready, Audrey and Shumin went on ahead as they were worried people would start arriving to an empty booth. The first to arrive were Wee and Jaron, as well as K. From then on people streamed in rather steadily. Shree, Sherry, Ben and Huimin were next and I was so excited by their gift, which was the polaroid camera. Shumin and Audrey very kindly figured how to get it to work. From then on everything was kind of a blur. I know the live singer sang me a birthday song early on. And I was flitting around a lot from groups of people to groups of people, butting in and out of conversations, welcoming newly arrived guests. I was constantly on my feet and didn’t really drink anything.

And then somewhere along the way the viking and his best friend Christian arrived, like some guests of honour. And I got a little bit nervous because I just knew everyone would be watching. We got a couple of introductions out of the way and it was quite funny. I remember seeing all the bloggies standing up with quite solemn looks on their faces, like they were getting ready to meet royalty or something.

Thankfully both of them settled down with drinks and I knew I could leave them alone to entertain themselves.  Almost immediately the viking wanted me to open his gift, but I insisted I wanted to wait till midnight.

After that I think Ramsey arrived, and then Wayne a little after, so I heaved a huge sigh of relief. All the work guys could sit in a circle and talk shop. (And of course I found out today Ramsey was talking about nicknames, including all the ones he has for me.)

And then Biru called to say she had just finished work and was swinging by, which was pretty awesome.  But UU and Wee and Jaron left pretty early and in the back of my mind I was thinking, you haven’t had cake!

But all too soon it was close to midnight. Audrey cued the cake tower and all the attention suddenly made me shy and I wanted to get it all over and done with. So I remember blowing out the three candles really quickly and there were lots of flashes of phone cameras and proper cameras. I think everyone was trying to get pictures of the cake.

After that things started to slow a little. I finally opened the viking’s present, which had the telltale Montblanc wrapper and ribbon. I remember him saying, “it’s actually a bicycle helmet, the wrapper is fake”. The bloggies’ gift was next, a lovely pair of Thomas Sabo earrings, which I wore immediately.

Also, everyone said my dress and shoes looked great, so that was one worry off my mind.

second part to come…


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