February 16, 2011

part two (why do i feel like I’m blogging about a wedding day)

So after all the cake and with some people having already left, I managed to sit for a bit.  HY and Topo made me drink half a pint of beer. And the viking also ordered me a jagerbomb which I did not finish. By this time I was starting to get a little buzzed and remember having to consciously keep from staggering to the toilet.

After a couple more drinks, HY started reallly really letting loose. He was just itching to stand up and dance mambo style and I remember the three of us girls just laughing like mad at his antics.

After Audrey and Matt left  it was just us four left along with the viking and christian. He had already told me he intended to go for muay thai the next morning so didn’t want to stay out too late. Topo kept trying to persuade him to come with us to the pump room and at one point i was so amused because she had her arm around his neck trying to get him to change his mind and I knew he wasn’t going to budge.

Anyway after the kisses and adieus we dumped the gifts in the room. HY was giggling hysterically trying to empty the fridge of all the drinks so we could shove in the leftover cake. Topo somehow managed to lock herself in the bathroom and when she finally unlocked it, she was sitting on the floor, also laughing.

Both of them claim they don’t remember the journey to the pump room but I vividly remember standing in queue outside and Topo latching on to me and telling me to ‘relax ok, relax’. It was hilarious because HY was chanting ‘like a G6’ and kept challenging her to drink five pints of beer at her future birthday party in June. When we got in, Topo paid the cover charges and then kept the receipt, and later claimed she did not have the drinks vouchers. We all headed near the stage and started dancing. Fur and I almost desperately tried to keep HY in line so his enthusiastic dancing wouldn’t injure or offend anyone around him.  After three songs I was tired and sat on a nearby chair. And I think at this point HY needed the loo so Fur brought him out and they subsequently went home.

Then I got a text from the viking: ‘are you at pumproom’. The instant after I replied, I spotted him and Christian. More hugs and he whispered in my ear, “We were at the cab stand and  I was thinking I really wanted to give you a big hug, so here we are.” And after a while he left and Topo and Christian continued dancing. I joined Biru (who had already adjourned there earlier) and her cousin and friends plied me with more drinks, including a flaming lamborghini. That was really nasty and Biru said how lousy I was that I needed three straws to finish it. And then I really felt it was time to call it a night and after going to the loo again, left and headed back.

Gosh it was a crazy night but I’m amazed I survived it fairly intact and with no hangover.


2 Responses to “Wednesday”

  1. u had a flaming lamb? geez. thats nasty shit. did u puke?!

  2. ~y~ Says:

    Thankfully no! That would have been such a killjoy.

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