March 1, 2011

Could not sleep so I got in early to work this morning. 7.30 on the dot. and I was most productive for the next two hours, finishing most of my work by 9.30. but now the midday drone has set in and I’m not quite sure what I’ve managed to accomplish in the last few hours. that’s right, I’m supposed to be doing legwork on a China-Libya feature for tomorrow.

i spin my small desk globe around, pushpinning my finger on the swathe that is Libya. Never knew that Tripoli was right on the coast, or that its surrounding countries are Egypt, Chad and Niger, or that it’s across the Mediterranean from Italy.

I put on Classic FM this morning and so far it’s run the gamut of the classicals and romantics– beethoven, chopin, dvorak, sibelius, rachmaninov twice, brahms, a sprinkle of bruch. sometimes plaintive, sometimes melancholic.

friends and contacts on my IM start chats and we discuss random things: cars, prospective girlfriends, holidays, funny youtube videos.

i really should go eat something but right now i feel like i have a really fragile constitution that won’t be able to withstand the traffic, the heat, the noise…

sigh, tres fatigue…



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