March 31, 2011

I don’t usually queue in line for food as I think my time can be better utilized on other stuff but today I was really craving 佛跳墙 – Buddha Jumps Over the Wall. So I traipsed all the way to the market near the office and hunted all over in that labyrinth of a place for the stall. It’s called 汤王or Soup Master. After tasting the soup a couple of weeks ago, I often think of it as my comfort lunch food now.

There was a long line of people but I patiently waited my turn (yes it’s so good!) while I watched the sweating uncle ladle bowl after bowl of delicious herbal goodness into porcelain bowls.

My turn came and he heaped a really generous amount of fish maw into my plastic container for takeaway. This picture was taken after I’d already finished half of it. So now i’m a happy bunny. And for only $6.20!




2 Responses to “Thursday”

  1. fussymissy Says:

    yenling, where’s this??? ((:

  2. ~y~ Says:

    it’s at the smith street market in chinatown, but I didn’t take note of the unit number.

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