April 10, 2011

Spent the day with K… a case of lunch turning into tea and tea turning into dinner.

First up was lunch at Skyon 57 at the sands (I know, again!), which is headlined by local chef Justin Quek, formerly of the Les Amis group. We’d heard that while it was a bit much to pay top dollar for local fare such as chicken rice — yes $28 for chicken rice and $63 for crab bee hoon — it apparently serves up relatively affordable lunch sets.

But the main draw of the restaurant is that it’s on the 57th floor, the same level as Ku De Ta at the opposite end and there’s pretty much a 360 degree view.

We were seated at a table overlooking much of the marina area, stretching from the marina bay financial center and the sail (!!) on the left, all the way to the floating platform on the right.

There are two lunch sets, a three course meal for $48++ or a four course set for slightly more, I can’t remember now how much that costs. There are two to three options for each course in the menu so choices are varied.

I decided to skip the local options like bak kut teh and nasi lemak and selected western fare. My starter of a tangy prawn and mango salad was really refreshing. A strong but citrusy dressing to accompany the fresh shrimp.

I’m very much a seafood person so between the cod fillet and kurobota pork, it was a no brainer. The fish was nicely seared and the flesh fell away quite nicely when sliced.

For dessert I chose a French opera cake, which is apparently a handmade pastry. Doesn’t it look really pretty?

The cake was rich, chocolatey and very very moist. And the gold flakes on the top make it look very French-Japanese.

We started lunch a little earlier than most so it was still quiet. But by the time 1pm rolled around the restaurant started to fill up very quickly and soon it was nearly full house. Service was acceptable and fairly prompt throughout. Overall I was surprised at the quality of the food and the ambience — it was far nicer than I anticipated. Once you get used to the view, everything else looks relatively boring once you get back down to earth.

Sky on 57
Marina Bay Sands
SkyPark Level 57, above Tower One
Tel: 6688 8857
Email reservations:

One Response to “Sunday”

  1. joyce Says:

    such nice photos of the food! =)

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