April 19, 2011

Trying to be more disciplined about exercise so I’m glad I didn’t cop out when my alarm buzzed at 6.15am this morning. Rolled out of bed and got to the gym by 7am and we did squats, deadlifts and tons of compound sets targeting the shoulders.  Yesterday was an hour and a half on the cross trainer, with John Legend on the ipod. Yes, I’m still on a JL high from the weekend, where Shree and I were shaking our booties for about four hours straight. Too much jumping because I woke up with stiff knees the next morning. And tomorrow, tennis! I hope we get great weather because I’m dying to try my new skirt play.

Anyhoo today’s song is another one featuring the Legend, although technically it is a Kanye West work. I still love it and he did it so well on Saturday.


2 Responses to “Tuesday”

  1. iamnotquitesam Says:

    Was on a complete JL high tooooooo non stop! Had a super time thanks woman 🙂

  2. ~y~ Says:

    haha i think we were dancing like siao but everyone around us (esp the guy in front of me!) was quite staid.

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