August 24, 2011

High-tailed it to Ko Samui in early August despite having returned from Timor a month ago. My first time there and it was really nice and chilled out. What can I say, I’m a sucker for beachy hangouts.

First off, there’s no better way to get into resort mode than to disembark the plane and step into trams — yes theme park style — to be taken to the small airport terminal, which is in itself pretty welcoming. quite unlike Bali or Phuket.

yes this is the airport, with lush greenery and piped music. I half expected a Disney character to pop its head around the corner.

Currently only Bangkok Airways operates the SIN-Samui route, which averages about $400 for a 1 hour 10 minute flight — it developed the airport facilities so the costs had to be recouped somehow. But I hear Silkair will soon ply it as well so that should bring prices down a bit.

We stayed in a nice boutique place in Bang Rak, fairly near to the Big Buddha.

By a stroke of luck, we got upgraded to a seafront facing villa, two rooms plus living area with a very lovely patio overlooking the beach.

There are only six units in this resort, all facing the lap pool, which is the focal point.

Most of our time was spent exploring, chilling and eating local food. Because taxis and tuk tuks are not cheap, we decided to get a rental. I somehow became the designated driver so we rented a grossly underpowered Toyota Vios and zipped around the island, and even traversed a few hilly roads along the way.  For those of you wondering, no major mishaps ok, except for one night when a black dog dashed across the road along a particularly dark street and I had to hit the brakes really hard.


A common enough sight all around, looking out to the Gulf of Thailand

This is a picture from Bakubung, a breezy, spacious beachfront cafe with a wide, verdant field and a couple of token coconut trees, which incidentally, are a symbol of Samui.


Bliss or what

big uh Buddha. Lots of gold and ostentatious detail. I fell flat on my butt while descending the white flight of steps because the cement was so incredibly smooth.

The Thais, they lurve their temples

See what i mean about the coconut trees? Apparently no building can be taller than the tallest nutty tree around. This is the Santiburi golf course situated on top a hill in the Mae Nam area.


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    Beauuuutifullll! 🙂

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