August 25, 2011

My exercise record has been very patchy the last couple of months. Right around May, my appetite for some reason shrunk to half its norm and I started losing weight — and a fair bit of muscle — quite quickly. Due to various reasons I also failed to keep up with my gym sessions so my body literally shrunk. I was pretty happy because that meant I could fit into all my pre H2 2010 clothes again. So out came the dresses and pants and skirts. At one point I was down to under 50kg, from about 55kg early this year. Now I’ve decided to ease off on the weight training a bit because as was evident last year, I can bulk up quite easily if I lift too much.

But in the last two weeks since getting back to the gym, I’m struck by how quickly the body can bounce back. Today’s BFA indicated that I’ve added about 500 g in overall weight, but lost 600g of fat mass so that means an addition of over 1kg to fat free mass.  i really hope most of that is water.


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