October 17, 2011

mr P and I had a very nice sunday afternoon chilling at, of all places, Boat Quay. We’re both on a bit of an austerity drive at the moment so I was looking for somewhere we can have lunch which wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. The day before, I found out that Penny Black has a weekend 1 for 1 special on all food at lunch time with Citibank. I figured this was great because we could then stay on to catch the Australia-New Zealand semifinal in the arvo.

And things went pretty much according to plan. We had a very nice lunch of lamb stew and roast beef. I never knew this before but Penny Black has quite an impressive spread of mains and sandwiches.  And it was good.

Even at normal prices, I thought $14++ for the lamb stew and $16++ for mr P’s roast beef was exceedingly reasonable.


And a rare bonus these days — the place wasn’t crowded. We sat outside facing the river, watching the crowds ambling along on the opposite bank at the Asians Civilisation Museum. It was actually pretty hot out but with iced tea and beer we didn’t go wrong.

By about 3pm the entire stretch of the quay started filling up with fans and there was definitely a party atmosphere palpable in the air. Quite a few showed up in the smart All Blacks kit and there were a few brave souls who turned up in the ubiquitous yellow of the the Wallabies. For some reason Penny Black’s telecast of the game via ESPN was about 10 seconds behind whichever channel Harry’s next door had subscribed to. So fans next door started cheering each time a penalty was awarded, or the ball was given away or when New Zealand’s Nonu scored the first try, completely wiping any suspense of the game. Pretty funny but still… Anyway the kiwis were in their usual top form and Australia just couldn’t keep up. Pretty good score in the end. Looking forward to them demolishing les bleus next week!



April 10, 2011

Spent the day with K… a case of lunch turning into tea and tea turning into dinner.

First up was lunch at Skyon 57 at the sands (I know, again!), which is headlined by local chef Justin Quek, formerly of the Les Amis group. We’d heard that while it was a bit much to pay top dollar for local fare such as chicken rice — yes $28 for chicken rice and $63 for crab bee hoon — it apparently serves up relatively affordable lunch sets.

But the main draw of the restaurant is that it’s on the 57th floor, the same level as Ku De Ta at the opposite end and there’s pretty much a 360 degree view. Read the rest of this entry »


April 10, 2011

I’ve been slowly ticking off the restaurants at the sands, first with Daniel Boulud’s Bistro Moderne a few months ago with K.

Two weeks ago the viking and I decided to try Osteria Mozza, a branch of the LA-based flagship of American chef Mario Batali.

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March 31, 2011

I don’t usually queue in line for food as I think my time can be better utilized on other stuff but today I was really craving 佛跳墙 – Buddha Jumps Over the Wall. So I traipsed all the way to the market near the office and hunted all over in that labyrinth of a place for the stall. It’s called 汤王or Soup Master. After tasting the soup a couple of weeks ago, I often think of it as my comfort lunch food now.

There was a long line of people but I patiently waited my turn (yes it’s so good!) while I watched the sweating uncle ladle bowl after bowl of delicious herbal goodness into porcelain bowls.

My turn came and he heaped a really generous amount of fish maw into my plastic container for takeaway. This picture was taken after I’d already finished half of it. So now i’m a happy bunny. And for only $6.20!




March 24, 2011

An interesting New Yorker review of a new cooking encyclopaedia that hit the bookshelves recently. Note the price, yes a whopping $625, although I’ve seen it discounted to over $400 on Amazon.


Incredible Edibles

The mad genius of “Modernist Cuisine.”

by John Lanchester

March 21, 2011

In 2004, Nathan Myhrvold, who had, five years earlier, at the advanced age of forty, retired from his job as Microsoft’s chief technology officer, began to contribute to the culinary discussion board, on the subject of a kitchen technique called “sous vide.” The French term means “under vacuum,” and it refers to a process that has been around since the nineteen-seventies but has, in recent decades, become a favorite technique of the cutting-edge professional kitchen.

In sous-vide cooking, Read the rest of this entry »


February 15, 2011

before the party on saturday, Audrey, Shumin and I went to Moi Lum for dinner. It’s a really good Cantonese restaurant hidden somewhere near Maxwell Chambers opposite the food center and the URA building.

We knew the restaurant would be packed given the festive season so made reservations early. They even organised the night into two seatings one at 6pm and another at 8pm.

However  for various reasons, I didn’t really have much of an appetite. And Aud and I had made a pact to under order because of all the eating we had been doing. So we ordered only three dishes, but they were all very good.

majestic roast chicken


oyster duck roll (absolutely sinful but very good, it’s a house specialty)


and spinach with salted and century egg


February 13, 2011

Where to start? too many bloggable moments!

Maybe i’ll recount the story of the cake. It was Audrey and Shumin’s gift to me and Audrey had ordered it a week in advance, telling me she was really really excited about it. I got all psyched and it so happened that after lo-heiing at Aunty Mary’s yesterday afternoon, we both went to pick it up. But of course she wouldn’t let me see it. When we were at Centre Ps I had to face away while she peeked in their kitchen to have a look. Apparently it was a really tall cake and there was no special box for it. So what to do to keep it under wraps?

Cover it up with a trashbag of course!

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