February 17, 2011

What a busy busy busy week. Plus I’m suffering from the 3am syndrome again. I wake up at 3am, toss and turn and can’t go back to sleep until past 4am. Then I wake up for real at 7.45am and feel like crap. I even have to drink coffee, which I don’t really like to do.



January 3, 2011

This morning there was an asshole on the bus who thought it was perfectly acceptable to blast his music for all and sundry at 8.15am. This sort of anti-social behaviour really annoys me (like the other time a woman ate melon seeds and indiscriminately threw the shells on the floor of the bus) so after about 15 minutes I couldn’t take it and told him politely to turn off the music, turn it down or use earphones. To which he replied, “i’m in the mood” and ignored me. So I got up and moved to the lower deck and found myself a seat there instead. But what do you think I could have said that would have compelled him to turn off the darned music? I’ve been trying to figure it out, haven’t come up with something plausible and effective yet.

Great way to start my day by the way…


December 30, 2010

So this is turning out to be some kind of holiday.  I’ve managed to miss all the main highlights of our trip. I had a fever a couple of nights ago, which then evolved into a nasty bout of gastroenteritis. I’ve had these episodes before, they’re commonly known as stomach flu and my GP once said it’s not necessarily bad food. It could be virus or bacteria from the environment or water.

So I had this fever on our first night in Sapa and the next day I was just feeling so out of it. Stayed in bed while topo and fur went off on their trek to visit the tribal villages. In the evening we then hightailed it back to the train station at Lao Cai, the border town with China. From there we hopped on the 9 hour train to Hanoi, during which I hardly slept a wink because I kept having to visit the loo.  I was just passing water and the cocktail of meds I’d swallowed – ultracarbon, imodium, po chai pills.  It was one of the worst nights I’ve had in a while. I was practically going every hour. And train toilet, not so nice.

I was so tired and lethargic that I didn’t bother washing my face for two days. Once back in Hanoi we went to one of the few foreign medical clinics around. The doctor — Spanish or Mexican, couldn’t tell — declared I was extremely dehydrated and put me on an intravenous solution and some antibiotics. The IV was uncomfortable and waiting for two packets of diluted salt water to drain into my veins was quite laborious. Let’s not even talk about the US$302 bill.

I felt slightly better after that but still continued to have diarrhoea so I decided it would be too stressful to go to Ha Long Bay. So yesterday the girls set off on their what i imagine to be wonderfully scenic and romantic junk cruise and I’m still here in Hanoi. I spent most of the day in bed but thankfully felt near 100% and the diarrhoea just suddenly stopped. At which point i thought damn I should have gone to Ha Long.

I was such an inconvenience, they had to help carry my pack, order my take-out dinner, take me to the doctor. Bah. Anyway they’ll be back later this evening and I’m sure we will have a fun New Year’s Eve together anyhow.


December 23, 2010

i look freaking ugly today because my left eye is swollen. Infection from a stye.  Just my luck for it to develop as I’m about to go on holiday. I noticed a very slight redness on Sunday but didn’t really think much of it and here we are a few days later and I look like an abuse victim. I commented as much to the viking and he responded in his usual full-of-nonsense way, “i haven’t hit you or anything, i would like to stress that and you should also tell your friends that hahaha.”


September 21, 2010

Sorry friends, the previous entry was meant to be password-protected, and I’m not sure how it became public over the weekend, gah.

If you want the password, drop me a line but judging from the acute spike in readership, I think the whole world’s probably read it already, double gah.


September 15, 2010

Rain rain rain today and my shoes were soaked getting into the office.  I hate walking around in fugly flipflops.


March 7, 2010

So the weather has apparently been going all el nino lately, the grass everywhere is parched and there’ve been forest fires somewhere in the east?

I’ve been sweating like a wild farm animal from not doing anything in particular. Eating dinner at the table and quickly working up a sweat as if I’m KF Seetoh on Makansutra is not cool.

It is also not cool to be perspiring after an easy walk home from the beach, only to be greeted by the sight of a motorbike-riding, semi-cute new neighbour waiting for the lift, and for me to have nothing else to say except “It’s so hot”‘ when we both go into the (oh-so-hot-and-stuffy) lift. That is so not cool.

In fact it’s only acceptable to be sweating when one is exercising and wearing some great looking dri fit workout gear. So I guess the takeaway from this is that I should just be exercising all the freaking time.

Three hours ago I was at yoga and I had to wipe off practically after every pose. It was just ridiculous the rate at which I was dripping sweat. Every downward dog was accompanied by rivulets running down my face. I wonder if it’s just the fatter people who have PP (a propensity to perspire).

Anyway today I discovered that doing a series of more than 30 squats each ending in a single-leg forward kick can really get your heart rate going. We also tried out a new pose — the half pigeon — and I really loved the way it stretched out the chest and hips. I could have stayed like that for more than a while.

Ok you know what, enough about the pigeon. Just thinking about it is making me hot. Who lives like this. I really need to turn on the air conditioning.

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