December 24, 2009

So remember Mr Tennis from a few weeks ago?

Today after I got back from my lunch break, I saw my yahoo IM window flashing on my desktop and it was him saying hi.

He asked how life has been treating me, if I’ve done all my Christmas shopping yadah yadah. I asked how he was going to spend the holidays and we exchanged our respective plans for new year’s etc etc.

And then he asked if I would like to go to his company’s Christmas dinner, which for some scheduling reason, will actually be held next month. I believe his exact words were, “I can bring a guest, so I was wondering if you’d like to go?” Now after the stupid nonsense I’ve been getting from all the flaky guys in my life, I was really taken aback by this.

Of course my mind is always racing two steps ahead so I thought, I know his company well, I’ve spoken to his colleagues professionally on a few occasions, won’t this be awkward? So the next words I said, me being dorky me were, “Wow that sounds nice, what do I have to do?”

And he quickly came back with, “I thought it would be good for you to catch up with the team and meet everyone.” Very smart, he turned it around and made it a work-y thing. Then he said he would let me know the venue but the date had already been confirmed.

As it turns out I’m actually free on the day of this designated Christmas party, so I agreed to be Mr Tennis’ ‘guest’.

What have I done? And erm does that mean this is a date??

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