January 17, 2011

I’ve recently discovered that Kenneth Cole makes really comfortable shoes using its 925 (9am-to-5pm) technology. Apparently there are two layers of foam: one is memory foam to mould to your feet and the other is a shock absorber. I bought a pair of shimmery patented midnight blue shoes last month from Her Glass Slipper at Raffles Place. They were about $380 but really comfortable.

And then on Christmas Eve while sitting at that dessert place in Hanoi with topo, I quickly looked through the RueLaLa offers for the evening and discovered they were having a Kenneth Cole sale. I spied this Cloudy Snake pair which I’d also seen in the Raffles Place store. But it was significantly discounted at US$79. I think that was a record for the fastest time I’ve taken to buy a pair of shoes.

Anyway they arrived last week and I love them. Very wearable 3″ height and the cute reflective silver heel is great for dressing up an outfit.



January 16, 2011

I’m well into the first season of Mad Men, the critically acclaimed TV series about the advertising world on Madison Avenue in 1960s America. Chain smoking and leery execs pitch for and create campaigns from cigarettes to pimple cream to shopping malls. Mad Men has been praised as a true-to-life reflection of the culture, social conventions, mores and political mood of the time.

It is not really feel-good entertainment because women’s roles were still very traditional — housewives, secretaries — and the married male characters all seem to be unfaithful. A lot of female objectification going on.

But really the clothes are breathtaking. I want to wear everything January Jones wears! Clothes are cut perfectly, with full skirts, defined waists and boat necked collars to show off the shoulders. Make up is immaculate, and I have this urge to dig out my rarely used crimson red lipstick from somewhere in my cupboard.

In the online universe, I’ve been visiting¬† mod cloth to get my fix of vintage. I love scrolling through pages and pages of 50s and 60s inspired dresses. Read the rest of this entry »


March 22, 2009

By the way, have I mentioned I have new delicious, fuck me shoes… all in life seems right again.


January 21, 2009

Finally, the moment most women have been waiting for… Michelle Obama’s inauguration outfits have finally seen the light of day, and boy did she look stunning.

She’s gone with little-known designers again. She chose a Cuban American to design her inauguration ceremony outfit, this absolutely gorgeous lemongrass coloured dress and matching coat. The moment I saw her on tv last night, I thought she looked so regal, so refreshing and such a sparkle in the blistery wintry morning. And her matching green gloves and emerald shoes were wicked!

And for the highly-anticipated series of balls, Taiwanese born Jason Wu came up with this ethereal creation. It’s white but doesn’t look like a wedding dress, although it would work as one! Love the one-shouldered thing going on there.


August 2, 2008

There is nothing I love more than finding steals. And about 15 minutes ago, I’m sure my heart raced at 152 bts/min as I frantically tried to key in my credit card and shipping details.

There was a private Stella McCartney for LeSportsac sale on RueLaLa. It started at 11pm, or about an hour and a half ago. I received the email reminder shortly after it was open and after I logged in almost a third of the bags were sold out. Now I did not have any intention of buying any bag tonight. I had not been doing research on various LeSportsac bags and I certainly have no idea what all the various models are called, like the Tokidoki for example, how ugly is that?

But the minute I scrolled and saw this beauty, and very quickly checked overall dimensions with my tape measure, I was scrambling for my wallet.

I didn’t even check through all the various enlarged views to see how many pockets it had, and I didn’t realise it was more pink than champagne, or that it had quilted flowers, or that it had a colourful inlay. No time no time, not when there were only three left in stock.

The shoe compartment was the first thing I noticed though.. yep still not over that phase yet.

Anyway with the shipping and everything I think it’ll cost me about S$250. Ok still a pretty penny, but what a pretty bag!


December 2, 2007

I need a new winter hat.


I want a beanie,


or a brimmed knit one


or a cloche style hat.


September 27, 2007

After the heavy downpour and really wet-all-around weather today, I think the monsoons will soon be upon us. And i’ve bought myself a pair of wellies to protect my feet. No more wading in puddles and getting my shoes soggy and wet.

Can’t wait for them to arrive.

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