November 28, 2011

October was a pretty trying month and it was mainly focused on a job interview in Shanghai. I flew in for the day, flew out the next afternoon and got to see just a little bit of the city enroute to hotel and the office. I nailed the interview but ultimately turned down the offer because it wasn’t good enough to tempt me to uproot.  I was glad to be rid of the uncertainty and limbo, which not only included mr p but extended to considerations such as my parents’ new house and other minutiae like renewing my phone contract and signing up for more PT sessions.

So anyway in the one week between the interview and the formal offer, I was constantly imagining my life in China. There was certainly a fair bit of apprehension, some excitement and I remember thinking with relief that Shanghai at least had a real Ikea store, and it looked pretty gargantuan when I passed it on the way to the airport for the flight home. But that was that.

Anyhow after that there were a few other opportunities that came my way and I duly gave each some attention, mainly to suss out the market and to practise interviewing. I think I’m pretty good at doling out the spiel now and am comfortable talking about myself.  My career might be suffering from inertia at times but I’ve never doubted that I am in a good place and it will likely continue to be that way — wherever I am — because I’m confident in my skills and competence.

On the other hand I think I have given up any expectation that things will turn out a certain way in other areas. I give up expecting that I will some day be married, I give up expecting that I will have kids. I give up the white picket fence dream. I’m not sure why but I really do feel that other people seem to have it easier than I do. I don’t know if it’s a defeatist attitude to take but that’s where I am right now. Not unhappy or downcast but a little  subdued and mellow, definitely some jading going on there.



March 14, 2011

I spent the day monitoring Fukushima nuclear developments, keeping an eye on the wires and Kyodo feeds as well as Tepco and NISA announcements. In between trying to get in touch with the various utilities and analysts. So the entire day it was just about getting numbers, fact checking, market impact. Now I’m home and watching NHK because of the situation at reactor number 2 at Daichi. But and all the human interest stories are getting airtime. It’s replaying videos of the tsunami but with the sounds intact so there are people crying and screaming in the background as they watch their entire town devastated by a giant wall of water. It’s really horrifying.


March 14, 2011

Because of all the stuff happening in Japan, it’s going to be a busy week. I could not sleep well last night just thinking about the amount of copy we have to churn out. Came in at 7.30, just finished a story and starting another one. Hopefully I can get out at a decent time.


February 23, 2011

had room service while working and now i’m finished for the day and wondering what to do the rest of the night…I can’t remember what there is to do in Bali. still have not seen a glimpse of the beach. But saw this guy and friend scampering around on my balcony.


February 17, 2011

What a busy busy busy week. Plus I’m suffering from the 3am syndrome again. I wake up at 3am, toss and turn and can’t go back to sleep until past 4am. Then I wake up for real at 7.45am and feel like crap. I even have to drink coffee, which I don’t really like to do.


February 1, 2011

I am annoyed. Due to some screw up somewhere at HQ, everyone in our office hasn’t been paid for January. Of all the months this should happen, it has to be this one, right before CNY and when I had a mountain of bills to pay off. New ETA is now tomorrow afternoon, which sucks. By the time I take care of my payments online the banks will all be shut and funds will likely only be registered next week?



January 5, 2011

Work is starting to pick up and I’m already scheduled to go on my first work trip of the year next month. Once again we are one person down after a colleague left for greener pastures, so the boss is scrambling to review new candidates and possible replacements from the dwindling pool of energy journos out there.

And we’ve finally started doing some proper legwork into finding out what it takes for the relocation. The big boss has been pressing me about my options so I thought I’d better get down to it since I’ve been putting it off for much of last year. Will know more in due course but really I think the time is now. I’m ready, so fingers crossed that it works out favourably.

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